If you are registered for a clinic, are on a waitlist OR have a rental/private booked with us, please read the following information thoroughly (parents please pass all information on to your children).

**If you are “in-charge” of a rental or private group please ensure your entire group is informed on below points**


  • all skaters must enter and leave fully dressed
  • for younger skaters that cannot tie their own skates- please ensure your child’s skates are on at home or in the car upon arrival.
  • please try your best to keep a 1:1 players to spectator ratio
  • skaters will enter through the side door (you will see cones in the parking lot) and exit through the front
  • we will open the doors TEN MINUTES prior to your booking start time for check in & temp checks
  • masks/facial coverings are mandatory for all adults and for kids when helmets are not being worn
  • we understand there is a lot of uncertainty with hockey schedules and COVID but we still do ask for a 24HR cancellation notice
  • All individuals 18 years of age and older must show proof of double vaccincation and photo ID upon entry


  • all above protocols apply
  • no outside instructors (this applies for large ice & shooting pad)
  • bring your own pucks
  • MAXIMUM 12 participants (large ice)
  • MAXIMUM 2 participants (shooting pad)


  • Please come as dressed as possible (under gear, pants & and skates if possible)
  • 15 minutes prior to booking time, goalies will be allowed in a dressing room to finished getting dressed
  • A mask must be worn until a helmet is on
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